Providing Medical Services to Central Arkansas for More Than 30 Years

Since 1987, Dr. Derek Lewis and the Arkansas Primary Care Clinic have remained to be one of the most trusted primary healthcare service providers by our patients. We are beyond proud of being able to keep up with the latest healthcare developments and implement innovative technologies.

We also take pride in being one of the leading clinics when it comes to primary healthcare and clinical trials research. Our medical staff is trained to address every aspect of your primary healthcare needs.

Our clinic in Little Rock, AR features a state-of-the-art treatment area. If there is a need for more interventional care, such as requiring specialists, surgeries, etc., we will refer you to some of the best physicians and hospitals in the Central Arkansas area. At the same time, we will coordinate with them to achieve improvements in your health status.

Dr. Derek Lewis

Our Mission

Arkansas Primary Care Clinic aims to provide the highest quality of medical services for our patients. We strive to serve each of our patients with the same level of care and importance.

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